Audibel Hearing Aids

Audibel hearing aids are aptly named Anthem Plus, a line designed to preserve speech clarity in noisy rooms.

A basic model called Anthem Bronze is designed for home use and one-on-one conversations. In addition, the AMP is invisible and for first-time users or those with very mild hearing loss. By contrast, the Invisibel is customized and designed for phone conversations and to be invisible.

The Invisibel is customized and has the essential features Active Noise Control, Whistlefree Feedback Cancellation and T2 Remote Touchtone (permits adjustment of the hearing aid without revealing its presence). The AMP is quick-fitting to the inner ear. Both the Invisibel and the AMP are meant to be removed for best ear health.

For home use and one-on-one conversations, the Anthem Bronze is recommended. It has Superior Speech Locator, Standard Environmental Noise Classification, WhistleFree Feedback Cancellation, Automatic Telephone Response (no manual adjusting when using the phone), TV Processing, T2 Remote phone control, Advanced Hydrashield (waterproofing), and basic Intuitive Features (indicators of hearing aid status).

For restaurants, outdoors, mall shopping and similar contexts, the Anthem Plus Silver improves on the Anthem Bronze with enhanced noise management and Convenient Intuitive Features, a more elaborate set of indicators.

The Anthem Plus Gold has the same features as the Anthem Plus Silver but is tuned to provide better music fidelity and better management of the more difficult noises of parties or industrial situations.

Top-of-the-line Anthem Plus Platinum optimizes your listening in very common situations such as crowds or cars. It has superior music and TV processing.

The Anthem product line is offered in a range of behind-the-ear (BTE) and in-the-canal (ITC, CIC) styles. Audibel offers pictures and a cursory description of each one at This will be adequately informative for a casual shopper but perhaps not for a detail-seeker.

The BTE and BTE Power are the largest models. Both consist of an earmold for the outer ear and clear tubing connecting from the housing. The BTE has better amplification than most custom models and works for most levels of hearing loss, while the BTE Power has the best amplification of all for those with moderate to severe hearing loss. The BTE Mini, available in all Anthem performance levels, is smaller and more discrete with a smaller earmold and thinner clear tubing, while still able to meet the needs imposed by most levels of hearing loss. All BTE models have the EZ Touch adjustment feature.

The Receiver-in-Canal model (RIC) is open fit and addresses mild to moderate hearing loss discretely. It minimizes feedback, both by WhistleFree Feedback Cancellation and also with extra microphone-to-receiver distance. Adding strength, the RIC Power is the most powerful RIC model and has a customized small earmold entirely in the canal to serve those with severe to profound hearing loss.

The In-the-Ear (ITE) model’s custom-made shell makes it easy to adjust and insert for those with mild to severe hearing loss.

Better at hiding, the In-the-Canal (ITC) model is custom-made to fit the canal. Smallest of all, the Completely-in-Canal (CIC) model fits entirely in the canal, becoming nearly invisible. Mild to moderate hearing losses are helped by either.

Audibel has an ample selection with these products and enhances them further with the Range transmitter, letting your hearing aids perform like headphones for your audio equipment.