Lee Majors' Bionic Hearing Aid

The Bionic Hearing Aid is designed for adults who have uncomplicated mild to moderate hearing loss. But most people will probably remember it as being marketed by former "Bionic Man", Lee Majors.

Many full-featured hearing aids cost upwards of several thousand dollars, so with this offer, truly affordable basic hearing assistance is available at the minor cost of adapting to a few inconveniences that this device’s simplicity entails.

The Bionic Hearing Aid helps you hear by simple non-selective amplification of whatever sound arrives at it. Unlike expensive hearing aids, this one does not selectively damp out sharp jarring sounds, wind noise, feedback whistles, or background noise. There may be some interference with cell phones, which expensive hearing aids sometimes manage. Most people require some time to adjust to wearing any hearing aid at any price, and most hearing aids produce a sense of “plugged ear” which users also get used to.

Few other hearing aids are conveniently rechargeable, but this one is, and survives 500-1000 charges. This is a big benefit to anyone whose limited dexterity makes frequent replacement of small batteries a significant challenge. Bionic Hearing Aid comes with an AC adapter for the dual-slot charging case, which is also storage, but can also use AA size alkaline batteries when electricity is not available.

Instead of being custom-fitted, Bionic Hearing Aid comes with four soft plastic ear caps so that you can choose the one that best fits your outer ear to attach to the hearing aid. The caps are cleanable but intended to be disposable when they become too worn and difficult to clean. However, on investigation of the literature and website, the company’s name, city, and phone number were found but no promises that further replacements would be available, nor instructions for ordering.

The cost of the Bionic Hearing Aid kit, which includes the Bionic hearing aid, charging case, AC adapter, 2 batteries, ear caps, cleaning brush, storage pouch plus and instructional DVD and pamphlet, is $299.85. Under a special trial offer for an unspecified but limited time, you can try it for 30 days for $14.95 plus shipping and handling. After the 30 days you return it or are charged the cost of the hearing aid in three monthly payments of $99.95. Alternately, you can pay $299.85 up front, which still offers a 30 day-trial and saves you the $22.90 costs of shipping and deferring payment. Either way, return it after 30 days for a refund if you are not satisfied. If you order a second hearing aid at the same time, an additional $149.85 will buy a four-year extended warranty as well as one more hearing aid, a set of ear caps and a cleaning brush, also returnable.

Actor Lee Majors has lent his credibility to promote the Rechargeable Bionic Hearing Aid, and a similar offer is also made on television. The Better Business Bureau rates the company a B- on a scale of A+ to F, based on absent responses to requests for information about the company balanced against a modest complaint volume as well as its response to and resolution of complaints.