Resound Hearing Aids

The ReSound hearing aids we're focusing on all feature the latest in communication offerings, including Bluetooth connectivity, for a seamless fit with wireless lifestyles.

ReSound Live offers surround sound, with additional features that adapt it for a variety of real-life situations. It lets you hear a more complete range of all the sounds around you, conferring confidence that you are not missing anything. Evertz’ patented Softswitch technology enables you to locate the source of sounds, helping conversations in noisy places be easy to understand. Live gives you control of adjustments so that you can perfect your listening experience in any environment. Like the top-of-the-line Azure (see below), Live offers a wide range of styles with many color options in each of the various BTE (behind-the-ear) models. In addition, the custom ITE (in-the-ear) model comes in a choice of seven styles. Depending on the model you choose, you can have a very long battery life of up to 330 hours.

The quality of surround sound is elevated to exceptional by the ReSound Alera and its ReSound Unite Accessories. With the Unite TV Streamer attached to your TV, computer or music system, you get freedom of movement within seven meters while still receiving crystal clear sound. You can be connected to up to three of these at once and move between them with your hearing aids communicating content from the closest one in any moment. Alera’s wireless capability also connects to cell phones via the Unite Phone Clip, permitting the hearing aids to operate like a Bluetooth device. For easy view and control of your hearing aid settings, use the Unite Remote Control. Eleven colors are available in one and seventeen in the other of Alera’s two RIE (receiver-in-ear) designs. And only Alera is waterproofed by iSolate.

An interesting model from Resound hearing aids is called “be by ReSound”, and featuring a product that the company calls Remote Microphone. Superior comfort, invisibility and advanced sound technology are combined in a hearing aid geared to those with particular concern for the cosmetic appearance of their appliances but who still want outstanding performance. This superior technology offers particularly good wind noise elimination. It will suit wearers with mild to moderate hearing loss. Those with profound hearing loss may prefer one of the other three designs described here.

Azure is ReSound hearing aids' supreme high-end product with the absolute latest digital technology and delightfully elegant contemporary design. Using both Softswitch and Natural Directionality, Azure makes sound sources more easily located than with other hearing aids. Dual Stabilizer II DFS offers the ultimate in feedback suppression. Program and volume control buttons let you adjust the hearing aids to your needs. Long battery life of 330 hours limits the frequency of battery changes. Conveniently, Azure can be fitted off the shelf in one visit to your hearing professional. Azure comes in 14-15 colors in the miniBTE and standard BTE models. A full twenty-six colors are offered in the Power BTE model.

Additional models offered by ReSound include the very small dot2, the economical models Essence and Ziga, Sparx with extra power, and X-plore for those with active lifestyles.