Rexton Hearing Aids

Rexton hearing aids products range from Arena, a very affordable basic model, to the sophisticated Cobalt+ and Insite+.

Arena is a basic behind-the-ear (BTE) model by Reston hearing aids, available in four colors, and includes a feedback cancellation feature and a self-adjusting program change signal that’s louder in noisy situations and more subtle in quiet environments.

Day is another affordable basic model but with extra features ensconced in completely-in-canal (CIC) designs or open fit and behind-the-ear (BTE) styles. An optional remote control can adjust hearing aids surreptitiously. Others have manual controls. Day has Automatic Adaptive Directional Microphone to enhance understanding in complex noisy listening situations. At these times, the Automatic Noise Reduction offers additional help in distinguishing voices, and Adaptive Feedback Cancellation System responds immediately to reduce feedback and whistling.

The Bridge+ offers yet more features, presented in BTE and open fit or custom in-the-ear (ITE) styles of eight earth tone colors. Where binaural aids are prescribed, the two auto-synchronize as they adapt to a situation and can be remote-controlled by virtue of their Blu Link technology. Feedback Preventer, Adaptive Feedback Cancellation and SoundSmoothing all offer extra comfort in hearing. SoundRadiance enhances the quality of music. Auto Noise Reduction helps you distinguish speech from background noise. For convenience, the Bridge+ is rechargeable and has Auto Environment Management.

The Gem+ lacks Blu Link technology and thus cannot use accessories. However, it has other features to its credit. Binaural aids will still auto-synchronize. Though you control the hearing aids manually, the frequency of adjustments is reduced by Automatic Equalizer which adjusts to frequencies and sound impressions in the environment. Further, Automatic Environment Management, Multi-Channel Adaptive Directional Microphone and Sound Locator all work to enhance speech comprehension. Comfort and noise reduction features are included. Nanocoating with Aridion technology by P2i confers waterproofing and protection from debris.

The Cobalt+ design includes nearly all the features of the Gem+ with the addition of Focus 360 to help catch speech from any direction and the inclusion of Blu Link technology for compatibility with optional Blu RCU for audio streaming and remote control. Green & Easy means both conventional and rechargeable batteries will work in Cobalt+ (though not both at the same time) and an optional battery charger is available. Like Gem+, Cobalt+ is nanocoated with Aridion.

Insite+ is Rexton hearing aids' premier hearing aid, incorporating all of Rexton’s best technologies for speech intelligibility, comfort in hearing, music fidelity and reduction of listening fatigue. Insite+ offers a peerless listening experience. It is not Green & Easy and does lack nanocoating, but it is rechargeable.

Accessories for Rexton hearing aids include Blu RCU which, using Blu Link in some of the appliances, both adjusts features of the hearing aids remotely and also connects to audio devices and the hearing aids to stream sound direct to you as if you had wired headphones. A remote control of more moderate cost is limited to adjusting the hearing aid settings. Finally, a battery charging unit does double duty for Insite+, Cobalt+ or Bridge+ by including a drying function to remove corrosive moisture from your hearing aids.

These six technologies and accessories are designed to meet your hearing assistance needs in the most convenient way possible.