Siemens Hearing Aids

The Siemens Hearing Aids line-up includes traditional BTE, ITE (in-the-ear), and now an addition to the cutting-edge Invisible amplification niche.

Siemens has entered the IIC, or invisible-in-the-canal, hearing aid device category with their new iMini amplification device.

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(Photo courtesy of Siemens Healthcare)

The Intuis family in the Siemens hearing aids collection offers the basic features you need in both custom and BTE (behind-the-ear) styles at a very affordable price. Features you’ll appreciate include phase cancellation feedback, to prevent those annoying whistles, and noise reduction to make hearing easier in noisy environments. The basic directional microphone systems optimize your hearing in social situations, and the four-channel basic digital signal processing is time-tested, reliable and durable.

Consider the Phoenix G3 line, designed to catch the sounds nature, a yawn or a kiss, sounds that keep you in sync with those around you. Phoenix offers BTE, ITE (in-the-ear), and custom-styled hearing aids that are affordable as well as durable and reliable. In addition to the features of the Intuis family, Phoenix hearing aids offer volume controls, a separate program for telephone conversations, and beep signals for battery status and volume control. In addition, some have direct audio input so that you can connect an FM system directly to your hearing aids.

If you have severe hearing loss, you’ll want to consider the Nitro, designed with two performance levels specifically for severe hearing loss, and offering many additional features.

Siemens Hearing Aids Features:

  • BestSound is a trademarked technology to deliver the truest fidelity sound.
  • FeedbackStopper offers superb feedback prevention.
  • Tired of adjusting your volume and other setting preferences so often? SoundLearning learns what you like so you adjust less often.
  • For music appreciation, SoundBrilliance gives you particularly good high frequency sound.
  • SoundSmoothing softens abrupt, sharp sounds so they’re less startling.
  • In noisy environments Advanced Speech and Noise Management damps out the background.
  • E2E Wireless 2.0 coordinates two hearing aids so that both ears can help you locate sound.
  • If you enjoy outdoor activities, eWindScreen prevents interference from wind.

Motion offers BTE and custom models. Adjusting automatically to changing environments, Motion hearing aids are designed for people who are always on the go and may have any level of hearing loss. They optimize the listening experience by using the same sound enhancements found in the Nitro. In addition, TruEar helps you find the source of sounds and Soft Level Directivity makes speech more intelligible in quiet situations. For convenience, the BTE styles can be rechargeable, and for fun, TekBluetooth even converts your hearing aids into a headset. Finally, Motion’s advanced directional microphone systems help you navigate social situations.

The Siemens hearing aids family called Life is its most sophisticated, offering incredible sound quality to those with mild to moderate hearing loss while maintaining a small, elegant profile. The instant fit design doesn’t fill your ear canal and thus reduces the feeling of having your ear blocked. 16 colors let you express your dramatic qualities or subtlety. Life uses sound optimization features similar to those of Motion.

Pure is Siemens’ smallest most discrete line of hearing aids. They are subtle, invisible, and have the smallest possible RIC (receiver-in-canal) configuration as well as ultra-thin receiver tubes and tips. Four performance levels service mild to moderately severe loss. They come in a selection of natural hair colors and skin tones. Sound is optimized by the same great technologies found in the Motion and Life families.

The Siemens Explorer has been designed expressly for children of all ages to ensure they hear every sound they need to develop good speech and language skills. It is also meant to support the curiosity and inquisitiveness that helps them learn. The Explorer features FeedbackBlocker, Advanced Speech and Noise Management, SoundSmoothing, E2E wireless 2.0, eWindScreen, and advanced directional microphone systems. Tek Bluetooth is an option.