Starkey Hearing Aids

We're excited about Starkey Hearing Aids - the Wi-series - advanced hearing aids with wireless capabilities for the entire gamut of listening experiences.

With the Wi-series, the optional Surf-Link media streamer (pictured above) wirelessly transmits sound from your phone or iPod. You can have a SurfLink attached to each sound device in your home so that you change what you’re hearing like anyone else does, just by walking from one room to another. SurfLink also has an optional remote control available for control from the couch.

The Wi-series’ built-in Iris Technology constantly scans your surroundings for media devices, connecting directly and wirelessly to the closest one and optimizing the sound for you.

The Wi-series contains special memory that permits you to predetermine settings that give you the best customized listening for TV and music. These Starkey hearing aids then automatically adjust to your needs.

In addition to these technologies, Invision Directionality automatically chooses one of several programs designed for various environments to optimize your general hearing. VoiceIQ further minimizes the effect of background noise to improve your ability to hear over it. The PureWave feedback eliminator prevents and dispels the annoying whine and whistle you hear when you are hugged or bring an object near the hearing aid. Automatic Telephone Solutions works at making telephone conversations as pleasant and clear as possible, and it includes an additional layer of feedback prevention.

Of course hearing aids are innately vulnerable to water but the Wi-series has Hydrashield to guard against humidity, weather and corrosion as well as water.

The Wi-series comes in two styles, both receiver-in-canal (RIC) design with a small housing behind the ear. One designed for first-time wearers, is easily fitted, and minimally visible. It suits those with mild to moderate hearing loss. The other, called Absolute Power, is a more powerful design which is custom-molded to your ear and permits those with moderate to severe hearing loss to enjoy the confidence of wearing a low-profile, unnoticeable hearing aid. These two hearing aids come with the same palette of twelve color choices which can be chosen so the aid subtly blends with your hair or is more flamboyant.

Testimonials from users of these hearing aids indicate that various patients have heard household noises they never heard before, have been able to resume going to restaurants with friends, have heard the same music they heard before but with much improved richness, and have had telephone feedback problems go entirely away. These are quality of life issues but hearing can also be a life and death issue, as when a pilot reports that his communication with control towers is much improved.

The Wi-series seems to be a very effective help to those with hearing loss slight or severe.

More info about the Wi series can be found at the Starkey hearing aids webpage devoted to this product.